Case Studies - Transforming Care

  • Case Study:

    Transforming Team Treatment Process

    A hospital asked its physicians to use MDmetrix to analyze outcomes across one of its most common, and most carefully managed, surgery cases. Utilizing MDmetrix’s unique visualization tools, the clinicians quickly identified opportunities to improve their protocols. Rather than simply implementing those changes, however, the physicians leveraged MDmetrix to iterate: they made protocol changes, and studied the results with MDmetrix a few weeks later … then made more protocol changes, and studied the results again with MDmetrix … then made more changes… Ultimately, this new paradigm of continuous improvement yielded dramatically better outcomes for the hospital’s patients, while also saving the hospital substantial costs and freeing up ICU beds.

  • Case Study:

    Transforming Individual Physician Practice

    An experienced and well-respected physician worked hard to stay abreast of the latest developments in her field. But, she was stuck using anecdotal methods to evaluate the effectiveness of her techniques; while she could call up a detailed record for an individual patient, she had no practical way to examine outcomes across her many cases. With MDmetrix, however, the physician’s insight into her own practice transformed: in minutes, she could quickly and easily assess not only trends across her patients’ outcomes but also the relative effectiveness of her techniques compared to her colleagues. Empowered by this knowledge, the physician now leverages MDmetrix to continuously assess and adjust her practice, in order to provide her patients with the best possible care.

  • Case Study:

    Optimizing Data Analyst Resources

    A hospital found that typical data queries from physicians cost $10,000 to $15,000 in data analyst time to answer – with a lag of 3 to 4 months while analysts identified cohorts, pulled patient data, manually applied analytics tools, and summarized results. As a result, physicians felt that EMR data was largely unavailable to them, and they were reluctant to engage in data-driven process inquiries. At the same time, the hospital’s data analysts were swamped and frustrated, and the hospital’s analytics budgets was sorely strained. With MDmetrix, the hospital provided its physicians with easy-to-consume analytics that empower clinicians to quickly ask and answer a host of questions – without fearing a $15,000 cost or a 4-month delay. Meanwhile, the hospital’s analysts are leveraging MDmetrix’s tools to streamline their own queries and to focus their time on the hospital’s highest-value opportunities.