Clinicians Care Deeply About Improving Patient Outcomes, but They Can’t Fix What They Can’t See

Electronic medical records don’t allow visibility into outcomes across patients, and manual analyses are too slow and expensive. So, clinicians’ outcomes questions go unanswered, and clinical leaders are left to manage clinical and workflow performance by intuition and anecdote.

MDmetrix Empowers Clinical Leaders and Frontline Clinicians to Understand, Improve, and Manage Performance

Using MDmetrix’s ClinOps Control Center and AI-driven analytics, clinicians leverage real world evidence to understand outcomes, compare approaches, improve care, and monitor results – across not only patients but also teams, providers, procedures, medications, techniques, devices, and facilities.

MDmetrix Transforms Clinical Operations by Empowering Clinical Leaders and Frontline Clinicians to Visualize and Manage Performance Across Patients

MDmetrix’s ClinOps Advisor software suite enables clinical leaders and frontline staff to understand and improve clinical and workflow performance. Instead of waiting months for manual outcomes analyses, clinicians are using OR Advisor, ED Advisor, ICU Advisor, Radiology Advisor, CarePath Advisor and Patient Safety Advisor to:
  • Compare, analyze, improve, and monitor outcomes
  • Visualize performance by team, provider, time, procedure, medication, workflow, protocol, technique, device, facility, and care pathway
  • Determine whether introduction of a new approach successfully improved patient care and financial outcomes
  • Use real world evidence to determine and implement best practices
  • Speed and enhance quality improvement cycles
  • Identify and reduce variability
  • Increase OR, PACU, and ICU capacity and throughput
  • MDmetrix revolutionizes quality improvement by accelerating the PDSA cycle. Data analyses that used to take months are now accomplished in minutes. MDmetrix puts unique visualization tools into the hands of clinicians, empowering them to transform care and lower costs.
  • Lloyd Provost
    Senior Fellow
    Institute for Healthcare Improvement