Clinicians and clinical operations leaders care deeply about improving care and using resources wisely ... but they can’t fix what they can’t see. Electronic medical records don’t allow visibility into outcomes across patients. And, manual outcomes analyses are too slow and too expensive. So, most outcome questions go unasked and unanswered.


MDmetrix’s solutions enable clinicians and clinical operations leaders to analyze clinical and workflow outcomes in just minutes. Our intuitive data visualization tools make it easy to understand outcomes across patients, compare protocols, surface variability, and monitor performance.

“Historically, providers have had limited ability to use clinical data to drive improvement in clinical practice, because it has been too difficult for clinicians to access and analyze outcomes data. Now, with MDmetrix, clinical staff with no specialized IT training can quickly and easily visualize outcomes data with a simple interface. Critical clinical questions such as ‘Does intervention A or intervention B work better for patient population X?’ can now be answered in minutes with MDmetrix.“

  • Mark Del Beccaro, MD
    Chief Medical Officer
    Seattle Children’s Hospital

“MDmetrix revolutionizes quality improvement by accelerating the PDSA cycle. Data analyses that used to take months are now accomplished in minutes. MDmetrix puts unique visualization tools into the hands of clinicians, empowering them to transform care and lower costs.“

  • Lloyd Provost
    Senior Fellow
    Institute for Healthcare Improvement

OR Advisor

MDmetrix’s OR Advisor software suite enables clinicians and medical leaders to access, analyze, and improve clinical and workflow outcomes across surgery-related specialties. OR Advisor provides visibility into outcomes throughout the operating room environment.

OR Advisor is used by frontline clinicians and medical leadership to improve both patient care and financial performance:

  • Determine whether introduction of a new protocol has successfully improved patient outcomes
  • Monitor performance by team, clinician, procedure, medication, workflow, protocol, and care pathway
  • Use real world evidence to determine best practices
  • Assess scheduling capacity and identify throughput opportunities
  • Visualize performance variability between facilities

“MDmetrix’s OR Advisor has changed the way my team practices medicine, by giving us visibility into outcomes so that we can continually improve the way we treat patients and manage workflows. Using OR Advisor, we can see outcomes across patients for the first time, which has enabled us to improve our patients’ pain scores and post-operative recovery experience.”

  • Scott Manning
    ENT Surgeon

  • Empowering Clinicians

  • Transforming Care

  • Lowering Costs