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    A health system’s surgery leadership recognized that their ORs were running late, leading to extra expenses, staff turnover, and patient waitlists. So, the leadership team used MDmetrix to quickly and easily surface best-practice workflows. Then, utlizing MDmetrix’s ClipOps Control Center, surgery leaders collaborated with frontline clinicians to make dramatic improvements to their operations. By reducing surgery prep times, procedure durations, and turnover times, these surgery teams significantly improved the financial and operational performance of their ORs – while also enhancing patient experience.

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    A well-regarded hospital was confident that its surgery teams were providing best-in-class care for its highest-frequency occurring cases. Nevertheless, the hospital leveraged MDmetrix to quickly identify clinical variations that were causing longer PACU stays. By surfacing these variations, the hospital leveraged MDmetrix not only to improve patient care but also to deliver substantial recurring cost savings.

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    For years, a highly-efficient surgery center relied on carefully-monitored “block” scheduling to allocate OR time. With MDmetrix, however, the center’s OR Director was able to look beyond traditional utilization metrics to identify additional caseload capacity. Working with her department chiefs, the OR Director used MDmetrix to reallocate surgery time, allowing her center to serve more patients and to increase revenue by 30% (without added expense).

  • Case Study:


    A state-of-the-art surgery center took pride in its clinical excellence and patient experience. The center’s surgery teams, however, had no practical way to evaluate the effectiveness of their drug protocols across thousands of real-world patients. Although the center’s clinicians worked hard to follow the latest research literature, they found it very difficult to distinguish true “improvement” opportunities from mere “changes.” With MDmetrix, the center’s medical leaders and frontline clinicians were able, for the first time, to effectively measure outcomes across patients and to quickly assess changes to their medication protocols. As a result, the surgery center has significantly reduced drug costs while also improving patient outcomes.

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