Clinicians care deeply about improving outcomes, but they can’t fix what they can’t see.

Electronic medical records don’t allow visibility into outcomes across patients, and manual analyses are too slow and expensive. So, clinicians’ outcomes questions go unanswered, and clinical leaders are left to manage clinical and workflow performance by intuition and anecdote.

MDmetrix empowers clinical leaders and frontline clinicians to understand, improve, and manage performance.

Using MDmetrix’s ClinOps Control Center and AI-driven analytics, clinicians leverage real world evidence to understand outcomes, compare approaches, improve care, and monitor results – across not only patients but also teams, providers, procedures, medications, techniques, devices, and facilities.

Mission Control for Clinical Operations

  • Historically, providers have had limited ability to use clinical data to drive improvement in clinical practice, because it has been too difficult for clinicians to access and analyze outcomes data. Now, with MDmetrix, clinicians with no specialized IT training can quickly and easily visualize outcomes data.

    Critical clinical questions can now be answered in minutes with MDmetrix.
  • Mark Del Beccaro, MD
    Chief Medical Officer
    Seattle Children’s Hospital

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